Welcome to all Shannon Lake Residents!

This is the web-site for the Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association (SLNA)

A not for profit organization registered under the Society Act of B.C. with the mandate to advance and maintain the quality of life within the Shannon Lake Neighbourhood and represent Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association members in dealing with all agencies that affect life within the Shannon Lake Neighbourhood.  All residents and businesses within the Shannon Lake area are welcome to become involved in this Association. 

Contact the SLNA

To e-mail the SLNA please use slna@shannonlake.org

2016 DWK Council Meeting for Neighbourhood Updates

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 @ 6:00 pm the SLNA presented the annual Neighbourhood Association update to District of West Kelowna Council. This presentation built upon the past presentation format with updates of current issues and removal of issues that have been addressed or completed. Our 2016 presentation can be found at SLNA 2016 Council Update

About this web-site

This is always a "work in progress" website so please check the various pages of this site and feel free offer any comments/concerns by sending us a note at slna@shannonlake.org. Check back often as we are hoping to populate this website with much information that will be of use to our neighbourhood and members.

Thank-you for visiting!

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- To support the SLNA and add your name to our e-mail distribution list: sign-up.

- To make us aware of an issue or provide feedback on a current issue: comments?.

- The City of West Kelowna Council website: DWK Website

- To Contact the City of West Kelowna Council you can e-mail: mayorandcouncil@districtofwestkelowna.ca

- The Central Okanagan Regional District Westside Landfill monthly newsletters can be found at: www.regionaldistrict.com

- The CORD Blockwatch Program information: Blockwatch Program and for an explanatory brochure click Blockwatch Brochure