The collective voice of the residents of West Kelowna’s Shannon Lake neighbourhood.

Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association Community Update – May 22

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The Neighbourhood

Shannon Lake is at the centre of a group of subdivisions centrally located in West Kelowna, B.C.

The neighbourhood was first established in 1978 and has been growing steadily since. It now includes Shannon Lake, Shannon Woods and the Talus subdivisions.

Geographically anchored by Shannon Lake Regional Park, the neighbourhood also includes an elementary school, middle school, 18-hole golf course, convenience store, neighbourhood pub, the Kinsmen Ball Park facility, soccer pitch, tennis courts, and numerous urban forest walking trails.

The Association

The Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association is a group of volunteer residents with one goal: the maintenance and improvement of where we live. Municipal improvement at the neighbourhood level does not happen without advocacy. Your volunteer association is tasked with identifying local issues and lobbying municipal agencies and Council to effect change.

A Voice

Change does not happen if issues are not heard. We’re in a new era of social media, where thoughts and debate occur online but without action. An actual voice is required to lobby for change. The Shannon Lake Neighbourhood Association is that voice.

Volunteer Today

We’re always looking for community support to help improve our neighbourhood. Does that sound like you? Volunteer today and be a part of change.

Join our Cause

Add your name to our association of like-minded everyday people who simply want to ensure our neighbourhood continues to be a very desirable and safe place to live. Numbers speak. The larger our base the more voices we can hear and the more strength we have when lobbying government for improvements to our neighbourhood and community at large. All Shannon Lake residents, whether owners or renters, are invited to join our cause.

Can we count on you?